This is me on my Appaloosa, Sundance Rip, going over a
cross country course in a Combined Training competition.



Updated 7/9/18

My first 'whippet' This is the story of how I got involved with whippets
Blizzard 2010 Some pictures from the double blizzard of February, 2010
Introducing MrKEy & MsPoE Newest additions to the Mystic family:
MrKEy (4/29/09) co-owned with Jim Campo and will be spending time at both homes
MsPoE (5/28/09) co-owned with Jackie Hilsky
Vacation and Graduation Vacationing at my newphew's (John Jr's) and his son's (Christopher's) graduation.
MsAmy & Her Family Some updated shots of MsAmy
Early in 2006 Candid shots of the Mystic family with a new addition, MsAmy (co-owned with Carol Huff)
Winter of 2004/05 What whippets and greyhounds do best during the long, cold winter months. Plus some Christmas decorations
Versatility WRA meet of 2004 Versatility WRA meet of 2004 with a great start from both MsMike and brother Opus (Delta/Natron offspring). Plus MsMike's almost diasasterous finish!!
The Delta / Natron Mating My bitch, Mystic's Delta Charm, was breed to Jim & Lynda Campo's Shoreline's Relentless Jet on April 1, 2002. This is a pictorial outcome as it progresses.
Schumi's Visit With MsMike Brother Schumi comes from Virginia to visit with his sister MsMike.
Mister Malibu's First Hunt A story most sighthound owners will probably be able to relate to
A typical day at home Greyhound, Seeker, is are newest family member; rescued from the Belmont track in New York, via 'The Greyhound Rescue Society'
Big snow of the new milenium Whippets are not too fond of such occurrences.
Seeker didn't mind it much, however.
Whippets in action The offspring of Ivy and Fox are doing good
(Updated 11/19/07)
A whippet story A short story captured by snapshots of my first whippet, Miss Priss, and my sister's first sheltie, Lilly
Some candid shots Prissy (short for Miss Priss) was my first whippet who lived up to her name.
Patches was my second whippet who I 'rescued' from the pet store (she was there for about 5 months). Holly was a whippet I got for my niece on her 5th birthday.
Jewel was my first greyhound and a really smart one; e.g.,without being taught,she would get the newspaper in any kind of weather; she would bring her toy(s) in from outside when asked.
And, of course, there are pictures of my new gang (Ivy, Pi, Delta)
Whippet Versatility Weekend (2000) Some shots of the family racing (Ivy - the mother; Pi & Delta - daughters; Ted E - son)
This proved to be a very successful weekend for the family. Overall versatility awards were given to dogs entered in all 4 competitions (straight racing, u-val racing, showing/obedience, & lure coursing). Delta came in 1st, Pi in 4th and Ivy in 11th. Ted E was having some soreness due to having a splinter in one of his pads a few days earlier, but he did compete the 2nd and 4th day. Other major accomplishments: Ted E came in 4th on the u-val and Delta 5th with the same number of points which resulted in both getting 5 ORC points. These were Ted E's first and Delta's last ones needed to get her ORC title. In lure coursing, both the Open and Field Champion Stake were split. Pi was 1st in her open stake which gave her the Field Champion title and Delta was 1st in her Open stake, the first time she lure coursed. Delta beat Pi in the run-off for top Open whippet and she went on to win Best of Breed. Ted E was 4th in his Open stake (I think his pad might have been bothering him during his last run as he was not putting out as much as he usually does).
Racing Photos of 2000 Here are more racing photos of racing in the year 2000
JRRWA web site Check out Jersey Rag Racers Whippet Assn's web site for a schedule of events, results of past events, more pictures, links to other sighthound sites, etc.