Some Fantastic Race Pictures of Whippets in Action
Taken at JRRWA's WRA phase of their July 4th Versatility Weekend

(photograghs by Steve Surfman)
#1 - MsMike getting out first with brother Opus (#4) close behind.
From the photo it's hard to tell who was in the lead out of the box!!! That's how they finished
also: MsMike first with Opus a close second!! The rest of the order of finish was
Laddie, Teryn(#3), Ferret, Gypsy
The following is a Flash movie made with a fantastic series of shots by the photographer,
Steve Surfman. (The series of photos are shown below the movie)
Note that this was close to being a disaster due to the lure slowing down too soon
(possibly someone unknowingly stepped on the line when getting into a position to retrieve
their whippet). But these tough little dogs came out ok. Many thanks to the photographer,
Steve Surfman, for shouting this series of shots to determine the reason for any possible
MsMike after a really rough finish came out OK!!!!
The order of finish was MsMike(black race blanket), Merc (green), Alaska (blue), Missy (red),
Yaha (white, aka Pivoine), Ted E (yellow; MsMike's uncle)

(Photo size has been decreased in order to have them fit page and load into website)