Schumi's Visit With His Sister, MsMike

Schumi comes from Virginia to visit MsMike

And makes himself at home!!

MsMike relaxing

Schumi "Hey Sis, come on out and play!!"

MsMike "OK brother, catch me if you can!!"

Schumi "Ok, Your caught!!"

MsMike "Ha! I just let you catch me!"

Schumi "Ok then, you try to catch me!"

MsMike "You better watch out. I'm closing in on you!"

MsMike "Ha Ha! I caught you this time!"

Schumi "Let's call it a draw and go get a drink!"
And so ends another hard day at play between siblings!!
Schumi at the races!!!

MsMike "Well Schumi, what do you think about racing?"

Schumi "Gee Grandmom, you're really getting a lot of gray hairs!!"

Ivy "Let me tell you grandson, when I was your age I was as black and sleek as you!! Just look at these pictures:"

Ivy "Here I am with my distant cousin Holly."

Ivy "And here, with my distant cousin Prissy. She was much older than me."